Sharing with Friends and Strangers

Garlands for Queens, may be
Laurels ~ for rare degree
Of soul or sword.
Ah ~ but remembering me
Ah ~ but remembering thee
Nature in chivalry
Nature in charity
Nature in equity
The Rose ordained!
-Emily Dickinson


Sandig said...

The Rose... a random act of kindness. My sons girlfriend was at work and a kind elderly gentleman gave her the rose. No reason. Just to be kind. The rose ended up in a vase at our house. Beautiful deep crimson. Beautiful scent. A token of the goodness of mankind. There was a brief discussion of whether or not he was a creepy old man - he was not. The rose faded to a beautiful black keeping all of its petals in place. I took a series of shots and am sharing these with you - do something nice for someone you don't know. Even something as simple as sharing a smile with a stranger is a beautiful thing.

brenda said...

once when rose and pearl were little, I had been having a bad day so I took the girls to Big Boy. I got a coffee and the got chocolate milk and split a sweet roll. The waitress came over and said an (anonymous) gentleman paid the bill, it was so sweet! I remember it with tears even now.....

Vulcan said...

Hi Sandi, I was busy too.. the period is plenty of work and engagements and I hadn't time to upload pictures or visit friends.. but you bloggers are always on my mind!

Take care of you there! Max

Maria said...

I do believe in random acts of kindness (and I try to do as much as I can, nothing grand but always sincere.) I should really do more, thanks for the reminder. :)

Foolosopher said...

"birth was the death of him"
~samuel beckett~ A Piece Of Monologue.

thats what this picture reminds me of. =) the shrivel. powerful that.