Parking Day at Dot&Cross - There are some pretty sweet things going on in our fair city!! This is great ! These guys have got it goin on...

City Croquet from Aaron Valdez on Vimeo.

Installation for Parking Day 2008 in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Corey Petrick for Dot&Cross. Music from Atardecer by Friends of Dean Martinez. More info at parkingday.org/


Len and Jody's Oval Beach Wedding

Photos by Wojtek Dabrowski and Sandi Gunnett

Oval Beach Wedding


Wojtek and I Shot an amazing wedding this weekend - a little sneak peek coming soon. Clear skies, not a cloud in sight, lots of sun, a soft breeze on the beach, - beautiful. I think it may have been the last really warm and sunny day here.This shot was taken inside the 'getting ready tent'. This little guy was smiles all day - caught him in a more serious moment here. It was an honor to be a part of this families big day! Congratulations!!


Inspiration -

"If a day goes by without my doing
something to do with photography,
it's as if I've neglected something
essential to my existence,
as though I'd forgotten
to wake up." -Richard Avedon


good to go....

Some days...... wow!

...everything as of late - in life - seems to need to be coifed, packaged, and presented perfectly - I find that there is beauty in imperfection. give me rough edges any day - the beauty of knowing that something has lived...


Scott and Kristina

Photos by Wojtek Dabrowski and Sandi Gunnett (me). We had a great time working with Scott and Kristina!