Happy Thanksgiving

It looks like Christmas here this morning. We are in wait and see mode for the feast today... the in-laws are without electricity due to high winds that came with a snow storm last night.


I am Thankful for...

after a busy day -two guys playing and one guy resting... all is well at this moment in time



water to ice... (click on photo to see detail)

he has a heart of gold

my husband -on his way home after helping kids in an inner city neighborhood paint Christmas murals on the windows of local businesses... (click on photos to enlarge)



last chance

...was in and out of the kitchen quite a few times yesterday - i noticed a fly sitting on the window -most likely the last one of the season... sluggish, not really moving -so i took out the camera, tried to get a nice macro shot while standing on the counter (straddling the kitchen sink) and the bugger wouldn't sit still. i chased him all over the window -it didn't work... i got down, took a deep breath, changed my strategy and finally got a few halfway decent shots... had to give up the macro idea. i checked this morning -he was gone...



Rats and roaches live by competition under the laws of supply and demand; it is the privilege of human beings to live under the laws of justice and mercy. -Wendell Berry


the sky last night

As quickly as the vibrant colors of fall came...they were gone


My boys...13 years ago

As imperceptibly as grief

...and thus, without a wing, or service of a keel, our summer made her light escape into the beautiful. -Emily Dickinson


Fall Koi

... color and motion, light in dark water