To have a tree or not to have a tree -this is the question. Every year it's a struggle. Cutting down a live tree - thus shortening it's time here on earth and it's contribution to the beauty and wellness of the environment is not on my list of favorite things to do. Then there is the real issue - the gradual death, dropping of needles, and future disposal of said tree... it all makes me crazy. Needless to say I am not fond of the artificial tree - not a fan of fake - unless it is somehow over-the-top, like a really cool vintage silver or white tree (which we do not own - it might make everything oh so easy, but most likely not, as I am really good at over thinking everything -always). And then there is the struggle with the commercialization of Christmas, although I must admit that I am a fan of giving and receiving presents and I like Christmas cards.
usually comes round to the light vs. the darkness of winter and it's pull on my soul. Those little lights on the tree are just too beautiful! Twinkling Christmas lights are a midwinter pick-me-up representing the light we can be for each other and the world and the gift given so long ago. So once again... as always, the light will win. There will be a symbol of the season in our home somewhere, in some way. It is never traditional but always beautiful, covered with large white origami stars that I made with my girlfriend Susan and the boys long, long, ago on a dark winter afternoon, and it is always filled with those wonderful little white sparkling beacons of hope.
I guess it's time for long walk in the woods or a rummage round an old factory building in the neighborhood to seek out the fallen branch that will carry the little white lights of life and hope this year.
Peace -Sandi


Holiday Hours at the Studio

Tanglefoot Studio Open Saturdays
SATURDAYS, December 6, 13, and 20, 2008 from Noon to 4pm, or by appointment
Due to the success of Tanglefoot 18, our studio, Tanglefoot Studio will be hosting holiday hours for the next three Saturdays, December, 6, 13, and 20 from noon to 4pm.
Access will be on the north side of the Tanglefoot Warehouse, 314 Straight Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, loading dock #8. Ring the bell and we will bring the elevator down for you.
Photographer Sandi Gunnett will be exhibiting some work as well.
We have lots of greeting cards, t-shirts, prints, ornaments, and reasonably priced paintings and ceramics perfect for gifts this holiday season.

To link to the site - click here or on the image above.


A peek into Tim's new space at - Tanglefoot Studio

Michael Pfleghaar and Tommy Allen invited Tim to join their studio a couple of months ago... he is all moved in and here is a sneak peek... a big thank you to Michael and Tommy! Tim is loving it. The Studio website is tanglefootstudio.com Don't miss the show this month - I won't show the studio in its entirety and no artwork - you have to come to the show to see more!!


Seniors 2008


This year I have been getting lots of requests to shoot Seniors - I enjoy senior shoots and am encouraged by the young people I have met this year. What a great group... smart, kind, articulate, creative, well mannered, humble. The future looks bright - they have their heads on straight. My goal is to keep locations diverse, try fun angles along with traditional poses, and to listen to and implement their ideas - to give each group of shots a unique voice. It has been an honor! I will be posting a few of the images, as time allows, on my people blog. My website is still in the works.... Click on the link here or in the sidebar for Urban Space People to see more and to check in for updates. Thanks -Sandi


Great show - More Later...


Sam plays downtown tonight at 7 p.m. (he is opening for Paleo)

to link to the DAAC site click on image above
to link to Paleo's site click on the image below


Peace and Growth...

Trying to find peace in this chaos, beautiful chaos, that is life.

..a peaceful moment spent in Chicago with friend and fellow artist Lindsay Obermeyer. Thanks again Lindsay.


Parking Day at Dot&Cross - There are some pretty sweet things going on in our fair city!! This is great ! These guys have got it goin on...

City Croquet from Aaron Valdez on Vimeo.

Installation for Parking Day 2008 in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Corey Petrick for Dot&Cross. Music from Atardecer by Friends of Dean Martinez. More info at parkingday.org/


Len and Jody's Oval Beach Wedding

Photos by Wojtek Dabrowski and Sandi Gunnett

Oval Beach Wedding


Wojtek and I Shot an amazing wedding this weekend - a little sneak peek coming soon. Clear skies, not a cloud in sight, lots of sun, a soft breeze on the beach, - beautiful. I think it may have been the last really warm and sunny day here.This shot was taken inside the 'getting ready tent'. This little guy was smiles all day - caught him in a more serious moment here. It was an honor to be a part of this families big day! Congratulations!!


Inspiration -

"If a day goes by without my doing
something to do with photography,
it's as if I've neglected something
essential to my existence,
as though I'd forgotten
to wake up." -Richard Avedon


good to go....

Some days...... wow!

...everything as of late - in life - seems to need to be coifed, packaged, and presented perfectly - I find that there is beauty in imperfection. give me rough edges any day - the beauty of knowing that something has lived...


Scott and Kristina

Photos by Wojtek Dabrowski and Sandi Gunnett (me). We had a great time working with Scott and Kristina!