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I am a wife, mother, gardener, artist, and photographer, living on a green corner in the middle of the concrete jungle. This space is for me to share little pieces of my life and work with friends and clients who live near and far. There are three blogs - Urban Space, Urban Space Studio, and Urban Space People - the first is personal, the second business, and the third portrait work - I hope you Enjoy your visit! The first comment is almost always made by me - commentary on the post - so be sure to check out the comment section. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated. Please Do Not use photos from my blogs without permission. Some images are available for purchase. Please feel free to contact me at sandigunnett@yahoo.com. for more information. My website is here. I shoot Weddings with Wojtek Dabrowski... check out the link to our Wedding Portfolio - it's in the links section. Thanks for stopping by. -Sandi Gunnett
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