C a f
E !

One word. I am running the Cafe again. Have been running it for the last two weeks-ish. Not much time to spare. Hope you are well. Will post new work soon. Note to clients... if you need something in a jiffy - please call - leave me a message... I will get back to you. Sarah, the wedding shots are beautiful! I will try to keep all of the balls happily in the air. Learning to juggle!!! -ME


Vulcan said...

I love coffe!


take care of you there! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandi,
Finally coming up for air. I understand the juggle. Sometimes a plate lands on the head, but I figure that gives one the excuse to make a mosaic. Loving the quotes! More soon!


sandig said...

update: week three at the Cafe.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

You juggle well! Amazingly well!!