death and life

Death has touched my small corner of the universe.
Death in all of its horror and splendor.
She is free now... free from pain and suffering.

She quietly opened the door and made her way down the steps to the garden to view the first snowdrops of spring -while he was out running an errand. Each step a struggle... she moved slowly but with certainty. Upon his return he found her in the garden - a world away from the chair in the den that had become her home. They savored the moment - wondering if, wishing it not so - but both secretly knowing, this would be her last visit.

I will remember her every spring when the snowdrops bloom. I will remember her strength and dignity. I will remember her laughter despite the pain. I will remember the feel of her soft cheek against mine. She is finally at peace. She taught me more than she will ever know.

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thank you willeke

Hey girl -

trying to grasp it
but who would?


trying to enjoy it
but hard to feel

comes and goes

in waves
trying to love it
all of it's shapes

Just thought of this, as I thought of you (after seeing your latest

Love ya