Tooo Busy.

Been busy - oh so busy. For a peek at what I've been up to check out this link - PEOPLE - Another small blog extension of my world. Although I am too busy to keep up with posting there too. Will post new shots here and on Urban Space II soon. Hope you are all well. Please keep my friend Tommy in your prayers. Life can change in the blink of an eye. Be thankful for every new day and the possibilities that come with it! Life is a gift... don't waste it.


Photography said...

Im waiting :-)

gidnas said...

Love all the "photoshop" filters you used and layering b&w images over colored images to create tinted b&w's.

I love Photoshop too!

Maria said...

your "people" website is very interesting. i like it.

i also went to "tommy"'s website and left a comment. I hope he feels better. I'm praying for him.

have a good week/weekend!

=) m.e.