The guys.... one last time.

Kirk, Ethan, Lee, Nico, and Dylan.... off to change the world - for the better....

Home again....

His room is empty. I have yet to go into it. I miss him but am also excited for him.

The camera did not come out. I have no pictures to share - I was busy being a Mom. His apartment is very nice - OK that's an understatement - it's sweet! His roommate is great... his name is Sam! There are 4 guys in the apartment. He has promised to send some pictures.

Yes we were watching the weather from the 18th floor... it was intense. Thanks to those of you who called after the storm to see if we were ok! It is very strange to see furniture and other debris flying through the air - flung from one building to another. We didn't know there was a tornado warning but soon found out and huddled in the hallway as the wind moved the building we were in. We saw a man lying on the sidewalk below that had been hit by something flying through the air. The police were there tending to him as storm died down... waiting for the ambulance. We could not tell how badly he was hurt.

We are safe... we are home. The trip went well. Dylan is settling in and we are learning to adjust. He is happy.


Life - the next step

Each Life Converges to some Centre
Expressed - or still
Exists in every Human Nature
A Goal

Embodied scarcely to itself - it may be
Too fair
For Credibility's presumption
To mar

Adored with caution - as a Brittle Heaven

To reach
Were hopeless, as the Rainbow's Raiment
To touch

Yet persevered toward - sure - for the Distance
How high
Unto the Saints' slow diligence
The Sky

Ungained - it may be - by a Life's low Venture
But then
Eternity enable the endeavoring

Emily Dickinson

He is leaving next week...