Sandig said...

It was last minute -it was his idea -I was reluctant - vacation? now? we couldn't possibly... so much to do before school starts.... not enough time to plan.... what will we eat??? It went on and on.

I am sorry!

What was I thinking? It was beautiful.

...then I didn't want to come home!!! :)))
Thank you!

Maria said...

:) aren't you glad you stopped worrying and just went with it!

sandy, your pictures can't hide how classy and artistic you are. are you giving photography lessons? I'd sure want to be your mentee...

Vulcan said...

Oh Sandi this picture is similar to a shot I did during my holydays! :)

I love your pictures, expecially the new ones with the blue elements!

Rohit Talwar said...

In the flow! Brilliant! Some imagination! Very interesting shot =)

Intern said...


lensman said...

Shadows, Shadows, In the way!

Made the pictors, Oh so gay,

They are, bright and happy too

Got me out of my funky BLUE!

Snappin, Snappin you must be.

Pictor crazy for you and me!