Color - Blue


Willeke said...

Your color is coming back! I can see it in the appreciation of the fall coming!If you feel like reading, there are 2 books I think that are worthwhile at this point in your life. This comes to mind because of what Heidi and Susan suggested to you a few days ago. here are the titles:

What color is your parachute by Rev. R. Bolles, ten speed press CA

Do what you love for the rest of your life by B. Griffiths, Ballentine books.

The first is quite an extensive read, the second a bit shorter but refers a lot to the first. We are using both in this household currently ;-)

Sandig said...


Was thinking of you when I made this post.(it was a really beautiful sunny day - the sky photo was taken the same day) Nothing like a little sunshine to lift the spirit a bit...
Even though you are sooo far away it is nice to feel like you are next door. Thank you for the amazing insight and support. One day at a time. Has your job been affected by all the financial turmoil we have been hearing about in the news? Hope not.
love to you & your guys

Sandi said...

Note to Amy....thank you for the beautiful blue day!