closed door.... open window?

I lost my job yesterday.


brad Yarhouse said...

ouch. does that ever hurt. I am sorry for the fear it leaves you in. We have been there and I know what it feels like. I will be praying for you, Tim and the family.


studiobeerhorst said...

Sorry about that Sandi, I am praying for your pain to ease and something better, beyond your grandest dreams comes along in replacement.


allison WONDERland said...

A wonderful smart woman once told me, "don't be surprised when God opens new doors." It kind of hit me in a way. You always hear, "when one door closes another one opens," but you never think too much on it just dwell on the one that closed. I like that you used the analogy of a closed door and yet still and opened window. shows you know there is still hope and life out there and a way. Her quote kind of made me think a little more on the new door and God's plan. We shouldn't be surprised because we know HE already knew this was going to happen and knows what is going to happen. : ) Just a sharing thought.

hegano said...

Despite all these words of hope and talk of opened windows in the future, the fact is right now is tough. Yes tomorrow might be better, but sometimes even knowing that can make today worse purely because it's not tomorrow yet. it's today. and today is Hard.
I don't know you, but I'm sorry for what happened.