Hi - news...

Wojtek and I have teamed up to shoot engagement pictures and weddings. We are scheduling 10 weddings a year - For more information contact us by email. sandigunnett@yahoo.com or wojtek1977@gmail.com
please write "weddings" in the subject line.
We do have a temporary site... our site is under construction- here is the link for now.

Weddings by photographers Wojtek Dabrowski and Sandi Gunnett

Hope you are having a great summer.
Sandi Gunnett and Wojtek Dabrowski

Shooting a wedding is a huge commitment... I have always admired wedding photographers... Wojtek and I both enjoy shooting weddings but found it a bit overwhelming to do alone... by teaming up we cut the work and the stress in half... by each doing what we do best - for our clients. We are excited to be able to offer wedding coverage but are limiting the number of weddings we book a year to 10 - so that we will be able to do
our best work for our wedding clients and for our other clients.

We would like to thank Dusty Brown for his advice and encouragement and Tim and Cheryl Halberg for the never ending inspiration... you guys rock.
Thank you!

Sandi Gunnett


Sarah-Ji said...


I happened to stumble upon your site in search of your husband's hats, and I must say that those wedding photographs are spectacular! Congrats on the new project. You will delight many couples with your photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandi--just checking your blog again after a long time.

Wow--gorgeous pictures. Congratulations... and how about keeping an open slot for me? :-) No, nothing to announce yet, just thinking of future possibilities... :-)

Anita Z.