Computer Down... for the count

My computer is toast - hard drive is fine... go figure. Will be buying a new comp - hopefully - in the next week or so. This has all been such a bummer! It was only 3 years old and our Apple Care expired in April - guess that's how the cookie crumbles. On the positive side - it is amazing that my hard drive is ok!!!! Yay> and double Yay! I will be using it as an external for now... No matter what people say about the excitement of getting everything updated... and brand spanking new... it will be a little while before I will be smiling about it. Would love any suggestions... from you other Mac users out there... if you had to start all over what would be on your wish-list?

for those of you that I sent the update link to... please click on the Urban Space Banner at the top to view the blog... thanks... Sandi


sandig said...

this is a shot that was taken on our way out to Colorado... have many more but have to find the time to go through them... it was such a great trip.

oh and don't forget to leave me your computer suggestions...



Joven Spencer said...

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sandig said...

... for those of you that I sent the link to... click on the Urban Space banner at the top to catch up... to see the whole blog. By accident I sent you the link to this post... sorry. I guess I have to slow down... just a bit. Hope you are well.