spring will find a way - there is no stopping it

if (among
silent skies
bluer than believing)a
little gay
earth opening
is all the flowers of his eyes
:april's they

this if now
or this(young
trembling any)into flame
twig or limb
explodes and o
each living ablaze greenly thing
;may has come

love(by yes
every new bird no bigger than to sing)
leaf is wing
and tree is voice
more leastfully than i am you
,we are spring

-E.E. Cummings


sandig said...

I took these shots in the morning - by evening the snow was gone - the sun had come out and the skies were blue all day. We had quite the snow storm on Weds. of last week. I had to drive to a shoot on the other side of the city, I think it was the worst weather and driving of the season! Spring will find a way! It is sunny again today. :)

helle said...

Sandig........ these are extraordinary photos. Very emotive. Nature is such an inspiration.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Heidi said...

Nice contrast of spring and winter Sandi...good work. Hope the snow has lessened by now!

sandig said...

helle - thank you. I also enjoyed your site.

heidi - It is sunny today!!! and I think spring is finally here. You know how it can be..... grrrrr. How are you??

Heidi said...

Oh good, I'm glad it seems you have returned to spring...it also seems to be arriving here in fits and starts (but no snow thankfully). I am good--will be in your neck of the woods in July and it would be nice to see you!

tongue in cheek said...

The power to be against the odds. Like a flower that comes forth in a crack of cement, your photos are remind me of that message of
Stunning close up, the delicate petals against ice!

Tim Halberg said...

Beautiful! I miss the freezing temps, but I LOVE the year round 70's...