light and air

when you are silent, shining host by guest

a snowingly enfolding glory is

all angry common things to disappear
causing through mystery miracle peace:

or (if begin the colours of you voice)
from some complete existence of to dream
into complete some dream of to exist
a stranger who is i awakening am.

Living no single thing dares partly seem
one antomy once, and every cannot stir
imagining, while you are motionless-

whose moving is more april than the year
(if all her most first little flowers rise

out of tremendous darkness into air)

-E. E. Cummings


sandig said...

the past two weeks have been full of life and death. i have been consumed by both at the same time - and their horror and beauty. be patient as i come back to earth once again.

Photography said...

A good one sandig:-)