Waterfront Film Festival - Michigan Sky

The Waterfront Film Festival is going on as I write. If you get a chance check it out... our good friend Aaron Smith/Dusk Films - has a film in the festival - Michigan Sky - a must see. You might recall a previous post of mine "film shoot Thursday".... I was working on the set of the film - it is beautiful. Don't miss it. Our friend Brad Yarhouse/Studio Yarhouse also contributed to the festival... you will see his work before every film at the festival. Check out his website! Spout is one of the sponsors... check out the link to their site. It is going to be a fun but very busy weekend!


Elton John said...

Is this a gay film festival?

sandig said...

-light hearted and carefree(:Jane had a gay disposition and a very pretty face.)

-characterized by cheerfulness (:we had a gay old time.)

-brightly colored; brilliant(:a gay profusion of yellow and orange flowers.)