Photos by Sam - My Son used the camera the other day


Sandig said...

We have all had to slow down at our house. We have been sick. I found these pics on my camera the other day. I love it when my guys shoot stuff - I like seeing the world thru their eyes. Sorry posts have been few as of late - Being sick and busy is not a good thing. Most of the time we sound worse than we feel... but there are moments! Hope all of you out there in blog world are well. :)

Anonymous said...

i love these!
hope you all get to feeling better, can't wait for more posts.

Gidnas said...

As the sand through the hour glass, so is the days of sunshine.

Only through the eyes of thine, can the son shine through your thoughts, as a wasp wrestles the wind of warm air, this is surely the hour of palisades in color, through which a starling soars the clouds on time.

Don't you love it? I do!
The cloud of nine saves tyme, as a son conveleases without his rhyme.