Red Thread Project

I am working on some images for the Red Thread Project... For information on this amazing project check out their site by clicking on the link!


Sandig said...

I am really busy at the moment... will try to find time to post. It is so good to be back.
Check out the link to the Red Thread Project site.... and if you live in the same city I do... get involved!!! Knit a hat... or participate in some other way. There are many possibilities.... all of them wonderful.

Maria said...

I like that you are so involve with your life and is so unselfish with your time, talent and effort.

You are a good example. Thank you.


The Creative Death said...

Glad to see you are back, love the colors of the thread, very beautifuL!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Hats on a thread, I like how the thread winds when you open it! Stunning photo! Welcome Back, I missed you!

alison said...

You're back!

I have been busy, sick and out of town but would love to get together now that I am: available, well and here.