Intoxicating Ecstasy

 Through the Dark Sod
As Education
The Lily passes sure
Feels her white foot
no trepidation
Her faith
no fear

in the Meadow
Swinging her Beryl Bell
The Mold-life
All forgotten
In Ecstasy
and Dell

Emily Dickinson


sandig said...

When I open my front door I am intoxicated by the smell of the Lily of the Valley and Lilac. Lily of the Valley lines the sidwalk and a beautiful Lilac bush stands directly in front of the steps to the front entry. If you walk by you too will be overwhelmed by the intense perfume nature blesses us with every May. It was humid today and the sweet scent hung in the air - this morning- as we were leaving for school- my teenage boys asked what the wonderful smell was. I saw my youngest standing in the front yard smelling the Lilac bush this afternoon -little did he know- I was watching! It is wonderful!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What bells that can send music straight to my heart, what stunning images, I can hear the melody, softly tenderly joyful sweetly!

The Creative Death said...

Oh these are so beautiful! I love the delicate shape... they look almost porcelain.

llear said...

Beautiful, and I love Emily Dickison.

pseyler said...

If the beauty weren't enough alone, they are worth having around for the smell. How wonderful that your sons appreciate them so well!