Free Radical Show

Free Radical

April 7th
6:oo - 11:oopm

12o S. Division
#224 - across the street from Vertigo
2nd floor

Wojtek Dabrowski
Sandi Gunnett


Sandig said...

It's your chance to see some new work and -to see the new Artist Lofts and Storefronts on Division. Come join the fun. Loft spaces and Storefronts will be open. Photograhy, art, music, and food -soul food in the heart of the city. I am sure you have seen the cards around town... If not - it's time to get out there and pick one up. See you there. If you need more information please email me.

Promotional materials designed by - Tim Gunnett. Thank you Tim!!!

Heidi said...

how awesome is that?! wish i could be there to participate and see your work...have a great time and i'll be thinking of you.

The Creative Death said...

Cool! I love the flyers. Totally wish I was in the where-abouts.

jacksonT said...

i wanna go!

Rangeman said...

I wanna go too but I cant!

Henrietta said...

I wanna go to

rangeman said...

Sandig can you put some pictures from your successful art show from last night because we want to see them.