Free Rad. Show Update

Pictures of the actual show will be posted soon.
The electricity went out about an hour after the show started...
but people still came... lots of people...
Thank God for candle light.
Tommy Allen took some shots of the experience and for a little sneak peek...
Michael Phleghaar has a head shot of Tim -from the show- on his site... check it out.

Also to be posted soon - the new issue of Balkon & Garten featuring
more of my images. Anke does an amazing job.
Balkon & Garten is a beautiful publication.

So - hang tight. Life has been busy.
There are good things to come. Soon!



Sandig said...

The opening was a success. Thank you to those of you who came. The place was hopping all night. So many new faces - we had a wonderful time. The electricity was out all evening -we just went with it- . We put candles everywhere. It was inspiring to see people using lanterns and candles to view the work. (I just have to laugh about the time Wojtek and I spent getting the lighting right earlier in the day! :) and then they all went off! OFF!) I don't think anyone will forget this show. -when Tommy emails the photos (he took a couple - we should have taken more but were too busy having fun) I will post them.

alison said...

Sandi, In an e-mail to Rebecca I told her we dominated you so much that your friends had to get to know us to get a chance at you...still working on those social skills.

I am temporarily offline but after the 23rd I would love to get together.

I will e-mail you when I get back online.

Maria said...

Glad to hear your opening was a success! congratulations!

I'll be waiting for the photos from the show...