Self Portrait - Laying it on the line

I don't usually post images of myself. This is kind of hard... but good. This is who I am. Me. I took this just before my surprise Birthday Party - coat and scarf on ready to go hang out with my husband and look at photos with Wojtek and Michele.... the sun was pouring in the windows behind me before setting.... little did I know what the night had in store. Thank you to all of you for the lovely party. I was suprised!!!


Intern said...

You look awesome ...


You take absolutely stunning images!!!!
Love them!

Heidi said...

you look lovely, my friend. i'm diggin' the hair...and no wonder no one believes your age:)

jacksonT said...

these are beautiful!
i had a surprise party thrown for me my last birthday..in september, one of the nicest things i have ever had done for me, happy birthday!
and maybe we will see more self portraits? yes, they are hard to do, but we love seeing the beauty behind the brain!

Tim Halberg said...

hehe, I really really like the second one

Vulcan said...

I must say that you are beautiful like the photographs you do!


really a cute girl!



Maria said...

you look lovely!!!

your pictures are, too!

Tommy Allen said...


ok, one more


I love love love these images!
I hope to see more of these personal shots of the artist.