Life moves

the dark



Hope is a strange invention
A Patent of the Heart
In unremitting action
Yet never wearing out

Of this electric Adjunct
Not anything is known
But its unique momentum
Embellish all we own

-Emily Dickinson


Sandig said...

It is freezing cold outside... six inches of snow is expected in the very near future. My eldest son just left the house dressed as Spider Man. No kidding. But... spring is on the way. In just a few short days it will be here! These are shots from the other day - it was 60 (F). outside!! warm and sunny. I am trying to hang on to that feeling. :) HOPE!!!

llear said...

You are truely an inspiration. You must have so much patience and that is what I lack. I love your work keep it coming and I would love your input on my shots using my new camera. I am certainly a beginner, but someday hope to be as wonderful as you. Thanks for the hope.

Sherri said...

Oh, Sandi... How lovely! Remember my comments a while back about the drops shots? Ditto on these..

Sandig said...

llear - Thank you.... I will check out your new cam. shots. I am sure they are wonderful... :)

Sandig said...


You are going to have to narrow it down girl... If you reall... let me know what your fav. is I will get one to you.

Love you lots. :)
It's ok - she is my sister.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

glorious !! Reminds me of the time I witness a butterfly emerge from his cocoon!!