Photography for me is the bending of light -to produce an image that stimulates the mind and spirit. My desire is to cause the viewer to think about life in a new way -to see something old in a new light... to Inspire not only thought but momentum.

Blumenkinder Balkon&Garten
Waking Memory

This series is not about death. This series is about life and the seasons in our lives. The spirit of a child is an amazing thing. This series is about learning to celebrate life -like a child.

No matter how long a child is on the earth their spirit is a gift, and an inspiration -pure joy, love, and innocence. As adults -as we grow older- we tend to let that spirit go. This series is about recapturing life -choosing to live.

The tree silhouetted against the winter sky represents dormancy. Tho it appears lifeless there is a powerful force in it waiting to come forth, as in all of us.

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Heidi said...

Beautiful, my friend. I also enjoy your written word...keep it coming!