Looking for a sign....???


Sandig said...

My son was in a car accident yesterday! Let me start by saying -he is OK! We are so thankful!!!
The car however is totaled... Life is just a little perplexing to me at the moment. Taking one moment at a time. In this moment being very thankful that our son is ok!

Sandig said...

I guess that part of what I am struggling with today is that I wish I could mark the way for my children - I wish that I could protect them from all of the danger in the world - I wish I knew the way - I wish some days I could protect myself too... and everyone that I love. But... who wants to walk thru life with signs everywhere - visual pollution... or for that matter who would decide what was right and wrong or what was safe and unsafe. Living in Utopia would be kind of scary!! So I remind myself that Life is Good it just seems kinda shaky at the moment. This morning I had the urge to wrap both of the boys in bubble wrap before I sent them out the door.... that would be a sight wouldn't it!! :)

Vulcan said...

Oh Sandi I'm so glad your son is ok. Was him driving? I know how a mother can feel something like that because I see my mother's expression every time she watch me on my motorbike, or when I say her that me and my girl we go on holydays with it.

Me too, I think a lot of times about accidents on the road, because it is very important to have our own a55 safe! ;) And I try to get my eyes open everytime I go riding.

We can't say where, or when, something could happen, but we can't live our life without living it! :)

So I suggest to your son to learn to anticipate the drivers, looking them on their mirrors, looking their eyes on their mirrors, lookin how they move their head.. looking out of the car in front of him and looking the next one car.. I hope you know what I mean. That give us more possibility to prevent a risky manoeuvre of another driver.

That does not give you the safe at the maximum level but it can help a lot!

After that, everyone should pay attention in every moment of his own life, because it gives more chances to avoid troubles.

Take care of you.. a kiss! :*

Vulcan said...


I did not see your picture about the drops yesterday, but I saw the one you won about the "love" challenge!

As usual every photograph you do is beautiful! Really! :)

Vulcan said...

OH! (second edition)

I loved your pictures here.. the two ones on the end of the list are great!


Rohit Talwar said...

I love each & every shot. Awesome. Great work!
Specially the 'Shaftaway' one..

I hope your son's doing good now. And, take care of yourself!

Maria said...


A mother's love and prayer always protect her children. My mom says that all the time... I believe so.

Thank God your son is ok.

Tim Halberg said...

wow...signs...makes me want to rethink things and go walk around town tomorrow

jacksonT said...

i love these! the high voltage and the yield are my favorite....oh and I am sooo glad your son is OK...sometimed kids just have to learn things on their own, I guess.