Christuff Time?


Sandig said...

Santa Claus is coming and the kids are getting greedy....it's christuff time.

I am feeling just a little disillusioned at this moment in time...Please remind me...what is it all about?

The Creative Death said...

Hey, I love the pics, these are gorgeous and colorful.
I know its hard to see what its really all about...seems to get harder every year.
But to me, its about that feeling you get when you put the christmas lights up in the house, and get the tree in the house and all decorated, and you just sit at night with only the christmas lights on. That glow, to me, is what its about.

~Manda said...

yep im with creative death, my husband and i have put our tree up and i LOOOOOOVE to sit in the big lounge chair by it cuddled up with my hun and my cat!
xmas is SOO commercialized that it's depressing for most folks, the people that have not enough money to purchase gifts for their kids, friends and family but that's not what it's about. i feel sorry for people that think that it is!
hope you get your christmas spirit soon!!! :)

btw that looks like a pretty cool store you were in there. ;)

Tim Halberg said...

That's an awesome store. I love shooting pictures through window fronts to stores when they are closed.

Lol, I guess being a clothing freak and loving fashionable stuff makes it fun...

Great shots!!! I think this might encourage me to get out at some point this week for something along these lines again. Thank you :-)