cold and empty


Susan said...

You guys have snow already???

Man, I miss that. I still have roses :-( and in about six weeks the crocusses will start coming up.

I know if we had Michigan winters here, I wouldn't miss it -- but we get like two days of snow if we're lucky and it's usually gone the next morning.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sandig,

I came across your weblog, by reading Susans log. And I really love your pictures. The colors, the ideas behind it. They all go well with one of my mottos "cherish the moment" (koester het moment).



K Murphy J said...

Love that bottom pic especially. Those lines and the whiteness around it are just lovely!

Vulcan said...


I'm lucky that snow doesn't arrive here (just une time every 5 years)..

with that snow I couldn't use my motorbike :(

allison WONDERland said...

Thanks for the snow but not quite ready for that, still want to enjoy fall a bit, which it's just getting to here in TX. I just got back from Hawai'i and really don't like our cool weather. : ) It was beautiful and will have posts about it probably over Thanksgiving, esp. after. Thanks for letting me know. And the pictures definatly show the "empty" very nice.

The Creative Death said...


Personally Im a fan of the warmer weather...but its so pretty to look at!