Foolosopher said...

The pictures are beeeeaaauuutifuuulll!!!!!!
i'm surprised not many people know your site!!
well, yours goes under one heading...INSPIRATIONAL.
could u tell me what cam u're using??
and, oh, i'm linking u if it's okay^^

Vulcan said...

spectacular pictures! i'm impressed! i will ask you something in future, if you would reply me.. :)

Foolosopher said...

so it's the rebel...*hmph*
all i've got is a 300d^^ (...and i'm happy!!) but i'd much rather have a cam that could hold macro lenses...
gosh, how u get the effects u do are beyond me^^

Heidi said...

Back atcha, Sandi...I haven't commented for some time 'cause your recent post leave me kind of speechless...they are only increasing in complexity and beauty. Keep 'em coming and know I'm looking and thoroughly enjoying.


K Murphy J said...

That is a wild set of stairs... Nicely captured. :)