It has been too long. I have been busy - Life is good.


The Boys! Pics from the 4th of July - Uncle Berny and Aunt Sherri's Farm.


sandig said...

I see I missed a whole month! wow. Worked on another film and have been keeping busy with photography. Summer has been amazing so far. Went to Rothbury on Sunday with Cindy to see her husband Ralston Bowles http://www.ralstonbowles.com/
play on the main stage - just before Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. AMAZING!!! more soon. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer too.

sandig said...

I must say... only city slickers wear white shirts and SHOES to a farm. On Mothers day I dressed in black from head to toe... mistake! After going riding bare back I was a nice shade of grey/brown for the rest of the day! : ) live and learn.