Scott and Kristina

Photos by Wojtek Dabrowski and Sandi Gunnett (me). We had a great time working with Scott and Kristina!


sandig said...

Here a few more shots from the other night. These guys were so much fun.
Wojtek and I had a great time taking their engagement pics.
I hope the images display properly... I have been having problems with the photos I upload having the saturation sucked out of them by blogger.... this has not been a problem in the past.. not sure if it is my new comp but I did write blogger about it and found that others are having the same problem... If anyone out there has any helpful suggestions I would be grateful!!!

Anonymous said...


These pictures are great! Thank you so much for everything! You and Wojtek did a great job! We can't wait to see more!

Thanks again!

Scott and Kristina