happy monday?

It is rainy and grey here. The snow is slowly melting only to make way for more to come. On days like today you have to make your own sunshine. How do you make sunshine on a cloudy day?
Had to bring a close friend and her cat to the animal hospital this morning - the test results will be back later today - not a fun start to the week.


alison said...

I'm telling you...feeling it.

sandig said...

Man I am right there with you!

sandig said...

Thought I should post an update.

Luna - the cat - is going to be fine....if Elisabeth can get her to take her meds. One Giant Hairball and some pretty intense arthritis is the official diagnosis. She is one tuff kitty. So the day ended on a happy note.

Good luck Elisabeth!!!

how do you get a cat to take a pill??? if any of you out there have any ideas I am sure that Elisabeth would be grateful.

Happy Tuesday! The sun is shining here!!!! Yay!

Lindsay said...

Such a lovely photo. Sunshine on a stem.