Rendezvous of Light

Pass to thy Rendezvous of Light,
Pangless except for us-
Who slowly ford the Mystery
which thou has leapt across!
-Emily Dickinson


sandig said...

I am off to Cleveland for a shoot... and a baseball game.
This shot is from a scout... I was scouting locations and came across this beautiful patch of pink grass... it took my breath away - I parked the car and sat a spell in the beauty. Life is full of beautiful moments if we only take the time to slow down and see. Small patches of heaven on earth. Be back soon! Have a wonderful weekend.


Rohit Talwar said...

And the way you clicked it, man, took my breath away. Funky.

Have a good trip!

Tim Halberg said...

sweet!!!! too cool!

Rays Of Sun said...

Dreamy pic...First time here and loving the page:)