Life - the next step

Each Life Converges to some Centre
Expressed - or still
Exists in every Human Nature
A Goal

Embodied scarcely to itself - it may be
Too fair
For Credibility's presumption
To mar

Adored with caution - as a Brittle Heaven

To reach
Were hopeless, as the Rainbow's Raiment
To touch

Yet persevered toward - sure - for the Distance
How high
Unto the Saints' slow diligence
The Sky

Ungained - it may be - by a Life's low Venture
But then
Eternity enable the endeavoring

Emily Dickinson

He is leaving next week...


sandig said...

I am getting ready to send my eldest off to college - to pursue his hopes and dreams - his purpose in life... I am excited for him and yet sad and apprehensive. I pray that God will guide him and I know that there is a world of adventure and beauty out there for him to explore... but that world is also full of danger and difficulty. We so want to protect our children from the latter... but we must at some point in time set them free. Please keep us in your thoughts as we walk down this new road... one step at a time.

Susan said...

Thinking of you both :-)

I last saw him more than eight years ago, it seems impossible that he's going off to college! Does he have a major in mind, or just going to see how it goes the first year?

sandig said...

He will be studying Cinematography... He wants to be a cinematographer...check out his site at www.dylangunnett.com his reel takes a while to load but it is fun to watch...

They grow up sooooo fast!

sandig said...

We are home and feeling a bit tired! Long trip - I have not been in his empty room yet... We are doing well and he is really excited. His roommate is great and we are happy for him... now it's one day at a time. I am sure it will get better as time goes by - I really miss him.