here's to happy endings... more to come


sandig said...

Shot a wedding with Wojtek on Saturday... It was sunny and really hot - then as we were starting to take pics (before the wedding) it started to storm - wind... rain... and YES the wedding was going to be outside. The storm moved into the distance the sun came out and the bride and groom got their happy ending!!! It was beautiful. The sunset over the lake after the wedding was amazing!!
More pics to come. : )

Rohit Talwar said...

As always, your pictures have so much expression and character. Waiting for more. :)

sandig said...

Thank you rohit... it's been a while - good to hear from you! I am trying to be more faithful with posting. : )
Life here has been busy.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Sandy! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

Just curated a show with Sam's work for a gallery in Denver. Let's hope it sells and she can get a head start on paying off student loans.


crallspace said...

YOu sure captured some nice shadows!!

Tim Halberg said...

aww... precious pictures!!!

Anonymous said...


I must say they are so beautiful. Matt loves them. Wondered if I could get your address emailed to me at my work address mvogel@mebs.com

Thanks you very much for shotting. They are so beautiful.

Michelle Vogel