I have been busy. -Work (just completed a couple of big projects and am feeling relieved but need to tackle the next ones waiting in the wings. -Sick husband (flu-real flu-fever, chills, aches all over, basically he feels like he wants to die), those of you that know me know that I have been sterilizing everything in the house so that no one else gets the flu (cleaning the clean)!! new chores also include shoveling, taking out the garbage and recycling... all the fun guy stuff. ;P -Kids (one hoping to go to college next year -the other addicted to guitar-has to play constantly) need to be kept on track. Did I mention how lucky I am to have such great kids? -they are really great! Family -my Aunt (Aunt Judy) is dying -too young (she is in the hospital up the street at the moment) -they gave her blood and are trying to control edema - and it's her husbands (Uncle Bobs) birthday today! -Life has been taking up my time. Not that any of these things take up all of my time... but they each take a little. Also -my camera had to be sent in for repairs, again! Wojtek had surgery on his eye yesterday so I am using his camera while he is healing. I can't thank him enough. Had impromptu lunch with Rick and Brenda and part of their family (Rain, Grace, Dove, and a friend) yesterday... Thanks! it was great to smile, laugh, and catch up. In conclusion, Life though at times challenging is good -I have been shooting but not posting... have another shoot this weekend -they called last night! I will get back to blogging again soon. I promise! Spring is going to come... right??? ; ) OK I am finished rambling.... Thanks for checking in. Would love to hear how you are doing.


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Tim Halberg said...

wow... sounds like you've got a couple of full platters to take care of in your life right now!

hope you're holding up ok yourself!