The sun!

The sun is shining!!! If only for a moment - it is shining!


Sandig said...

The Sun is shining... I recall now- how glorious it is to sit in it -just to sit and feel its warmth. The record was broken this winter... Never have we had so many days without sunshine. :)

jacksonT said...

I can't wait for his blog!
I have been browsing your links all morning...my boss is probably going to kill me! I love the claire kramer site, she is amazing!
I watched the Sortie film, I really liked it! I always appreciate something that offers a fresh perspective like that.
Oh, and my interest in film? Well, after 5 years in architecture school, I have just really learned to see things like I never had before. I have done some short films, and some short animations. My last year in school was exploring architecture through film. Now I am doing architecture animation, so I am basically making short films about architecture. I love it like crazy, but have this silly dream of working for Pixar someday...or maybe film school?

Vulcan said...

amazing.. and I know haw sad you can feel yourself when ther are only days without the sun, as I said, here in my town we are lucky to have the wind called Bora, it keeps the sky clean.. but the cold it does is.. brrrr! :-{

pseyler said...

We are on our 24th consecutive day of rain. I don't mind it at all, but I know I'll appreciate the sun when she finally arrived. Send her my best in the meantime.

Photography said...

feels relieved when we see the sun coming out of the dark clouds :-)

Tommy Allen said...

Beautiful sight equally matched by your capturing it.